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CITIZEN’ INITIATIVE for the Cannabis Social Clubs – La Rosa Verda

The Civil Observatory on Drug Policy launches the campaign #LAROSAVERDA, the Citizen’s Initiative in support of the Cannabis Social Clubs.

It is the first European Law proposition that foresee the cultivation, distribution and transportation of cannabis, as well as quality control.

You can access all the news about the initiative on the website www.larosaverda.org

You can also can connect on social networks:

La Rosa Verda Facebook



The Civil Observatory on Drug Policy co-organizes with the Ateneu Barcelonès and the fundación ICEERS a series on “Drugs in the XXI century”.

Observatory members coorganised a seminar and made presentations on The Spanish Phenomenon of Cannabis Associations In Spain.  The seminar was part of the 2014 Latin American Advocacy Fellowship Program on Drug Policy Reform, funded by the Open Society Foundation. It was co-organised with the Criminal Justice Centre at the School of Law, Queen Mary University of London and Release.

Policy Dialogue

Observatory members participated in the informal drug policy dialogue organized by the Council of San Sebastian, TNI and FAC, on October 2014.

International Collaboration

Talking Drugs As requested by Release the UK’s centre of expertise on drugs, the law and human rights, the Observatory provides input on current developments to ‘Talking Drugs’, which is managed by Release.

TalkingDrugs is an online space reflecting the global challenge posed by illicit drugs. It provides an opportunity to share stories and insights that will help find better ways to control illicit drugs and prevent them causing excessive harm.

Facilitating Empirical Research

The Observatory is facilitating research by Queen Mary, University of London by putting the researcher in touch with cannabis associations across Catalonia.

Facilitating Media Access

Observatory members organised access for the BBC to interview club members for a programme broadcast on Radio 4 and BBC 4 Television. You can listen to the radio programme here.

Consultancy Services

If you would like to commission a research report by the Observatory please contact: info@observatoriocivil.org