La Rosa Verda Citizens’ Initiative presented in the Catalonian Parliament

At 2pm on the 20th  March 2015, La Rosa Verde Citizens’ Initiative on the regulation of  cannabis consumer associations was presented to the Parliament of Catalonia.

The Initiative reflects a broad social consensus; it derives from a synthesis of the good practice guidelines that have emerged from self­regulation of such associations; regulatory proposals drafted by federations of such associations; proposals taken from the Resolution of the Parliament of Catalonia 932/X; the public health criteria proposed by the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Health and approved by the Parliament of Catalonia and is drafted with due regard for fundamental rights and jurisdictional competency. The proposal is the first in Spain to include provisions for regulating aspects of the distribution, cultivation and transportation of cannabis by cannabis consumer associations that are within the jurisdictional competencies of Parliament.

The Civil Observatory on Drug Policy has offered its  support in getting the 50.000  signatures required by October  in order to have the Legislative proposal approved in Parliament.

Parlament de Catalunya

Photography : Pietro Milici