10 Questions on the regulation of cannabis social clubs in Catalonia

On the 13th February 2014 the Parliament of Catalonia approved  motion 77/101, requesting the parliamentary Health Committee, to carry out its research and achieve the consensus required for the Government of Catalonia to regulate  cannabis associations in a four-month term.

Has the Government now regulated the cannabis associations?
No,  the result of eight months work by the Health Committee was instead  the approval of a further Parliamentary resolution.

Is the Parliamentary resolution a law with binding force?
No, the Parliamentary resolutions are neither laws nor regulations and as such are not binding, but they can be an important step towards the creation of a binding law.

Does the Parliamentary resolution regulate the activities of Cannabis Clubs?
No, the Parliamentary resolution urges the department of health to stipulate the regulations that should be adopted in the event that municipal authorities approve by-laws for regulating cannabis associations.

If you are interested in the content of the resolution and its implications for the associations of cannabis consumers you can read the 10 Questions” summary, in Spanish.

OCD – 10 preguntas sobre la regulación de los clubs sociales de cannabis en Cataluña.pdf
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